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Timeline of State Programs Administered by the Safety and Buildings Division and the WBSN. 


Year                            Event
1867    Wisconsin Has First Worker Safety Law in U.S.


1870    Two Percent Fire Dues Program Started


1876    State Board of Health Created


1885    Fire Escapes Law for Commercial Bldgs.


1887    First Machine Guard Safety Law


1889    Inspectors Began to Enforce Workplace Safety Laws


1911    Industrial Commission Established


1913    Six States Have Industrial Commissions


             Fire Inspections by Municipalities Required


             First Elevator Code


1914    First Plumbing Code


             Plumber Licensing Started for Cities


             First Commercial Building Code


             First Boiler Code


             Boiler Inspections by Insurance Companies Accepted


1915    Mandatory Certification of Boiler Inspectors


             Commercial Building Plan Review Started


1917    First Electrical Code


             Fire Prevention Program Transferred to Industrial Comm.


1918    Elevator Inspections by Insurance Companies Accepted


             First Mechanical Refrigeration Code


             First Fire Prevention Code


1922    First Mine Safety Code


1933    First Explosive Materials Code


1948    First Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code


1957    Wisconsin Adopts National Model Boiler Code


1960    First Anhydrous Ammonia Code


1963    Wisconsin Law Required Buildings to be Accessible


             Plumber Licensing Required Statewide


1967    Safety and Building Division is Named


             First Amusement Ride Code


             First Tramway, Lift and Tow Code


1971    Counties Must Issue Septic Tank Permits


             Federal OSHA Progrm Modeled After Wisconsin Program


1972    Licensing of All Fire Sprinkler Fitters and Contractors


             Plumbing Code Became a State-wide Uniform Code


             First Adoption of National Model Electrical Code


1974    Certification of All Soil Testers Started at DHSS


             Septic System Plan Review Began at DHSS


             Plumbing Plan Review Began at DHSS


1975    Dwelling Code Council Created


             Job Safety Inspections Transferred to Federal OSHA Program


             First Public Sector Employee Safety Code


1978    Wisconsin Fund Program Started at DNR


1979    Plumbing Bureau Transferred to S&B


1980    By Law, Counties Must Inspect Septic Systems


             First Uniform Dwelling Code


             Certification of All UDC Inspectors


1981    Law Requires Historic Building Code


1982    Public Employee Safety Code Pegged to OSHA Standards


1983    Rental Unit Energy Efficiency Program Began


             First Adoption of National Model Elevator Code


             Certification of All Elevator Inspectors


1985    Voluntary Certification of Commercial Building Inspectors Began


             First Liquefied Natural Gas Code


1986    Voluntary Certification of Electricians


1987    Certification of All Commercial Electrical Inspectors


1989    First Compressed Natural Gas Code


1991    First Fire Deptartment Safety and Health Code


             Wisconsin Fund Program Transferred to S&B


1992    First Soil Erosion Rules in the Uniform Dwelling Code


1994    First Soil Erosion Rules in the Commercial Building Code


             Public Swimming Pool Program Transferred to S&B


1995    Registration of All HVAC Contractors


             Licensing of All UDC Contractors


             First Uniform Multifamily Dwelling Code


1996    Department of Commerce Created


1999    Rental Energy Program Gets Citation Authority


2000    Mobile Home Sales Licensing Came to S&B


             Mobile Home Park Licensing Came to S&B


2001    Mobile Home Titling Came to S&B


2002    First Adoption of Model Commercial Building Code


             First Adoption of Model Fire Prevention Code


2003    Inspection of Public Pools by S&B Started


2004    First Hydrogen Gas Code


2005    UDC Permits and Inspections Required Statewide


2007    Licensing All Manufactured Home Installers


             UDC Includes Manufactured Homes


2008    Licensing All Elevator Installers

             Electrician Licensing & Inspection Law


2009    Registration of All Building Contractors


             Commercial Building Soil Erosion Transferred to DNR


             Federal Government Require More Energy Code Enforcement by 2017


2010    Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in Commercial Housing


             No Smoking Law Effective In July





DHSS = Department of Health and Social Services
DNR = Department of Natural Resources

UDC = Uniform Dwelling Code