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Alliance Formation Announcement

posted Sep 21, 2010, 5:22 PM by Robert DuPont   [ updated Sep 21, 2010, 5:28 PM ]


SEPTEMBER 21, 2010


Contact: Bob DuPont, 608-712-2398,

Alliance formed to improve building-related regulatory services in Wisconsin.

MADISON – The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is a newly formed consortium which will advocate for improvements in building-related regulatory programs throughout Wisconsin. Consisting of 15 associations and organizations involved in building design, construction and regulation, the Alliance will advocate for more coordination between state and municipal regulatory services. The overall goal of the Alliance is to have regulatory services provided in the most efficient manner possible while promoting safety for Wisconsin citizens and visitors. Alliance membership is reserved for advocacy, business, and governmental, labor, and professional groups.

The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination was initiated by Bob DuPont, the former Director of Program Development for the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce. The Alliance is a client group of Regulatory Guidance and Design LLC, which is owned and operated by Mr. DuPont.

“Immediate concerns of the Alliance center on the leadership and location of regulatory programs now in the Wisconsin Department of Commerce” said Mr. DuPont. “The idea of revamping or eliminating the department entirely is cause for concern among the construction industry. It is unclear what will happen to the programs now housed in the Safety and Buildings and Environmental and Regulatory Services Divisions of Commerce.”

The election of a new Governor in November all but guarantees new appointees will take over early in 2011 at both the Department Secretary and the Division Administrator levels within the department. In addition, the economic development operations of the department have recently been the subject of studies and recommendations to make significant changes in the economic development portion of the department, leaving the regulatory portions up in the air. The two regulatory divisions, known as S&B and ERS among their customers, came to Commerce from the former Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations in 1996.

“The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination understands that economic development needs particular attention at this time” said Mr. DuPont. “However, safety programs at both the state and municipal levels must also be equipped for the economic upturn that is sure to come.”

You can learn more about the concerns, goals and operations of the Alliance at