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ARC Priorities Updated

posted Aug 29, 2017, 7:34 AM by Robert DuPont

ARC Priorities for the Next 12 Months

August 23, 2017

1) Encourage the DSPS to maintain a focus on customers with customer involvement in DSPS decisions regarding services of the Industry Services Division.

2) Improve the deployment of resources among programs and services for safety and buildings.

3) Improve coordination of state and municipal regulatory efforts for safety and buildings, with an emphasis on:
  • Wedding barn legislation; 2017 Assembly Bill 187 and Senate Bill 137
  • DSPS Proposal to Limit Certified Muni Review of < 100,000 Cu. Ft. Alterations
  • Reducing redundant plan review between municipalities and the DSPS
  • Improving DSPS audits relative to DSPS certified municipalities and appointed agents
4) Encourage remedial legislation on carbon monoxide detectors in residential commercial buildings.

5) Encourage code update activity specifically for:
  • Implementing a revised electrical code and a program of electrical inspections for commercial buildings under 2007 Wis. Act 63 and 2013 Wis. Act 143.
  • Reviewing the 2015 editions of ICC codes to update the State Commercial Building Code.
  • Reviewing the 2015 and 2018 editions of NFPA 1 to update the State Fire Prevention Code.
  • Reviewing the State Uniform Plumbing Code for necessary updates and clarifications.
6) Participate in Wisconsin Emergency Management efforts to create Building Safety Evaluation Strike Teams to help respond to disasters.

7) Explore the idea for statewide inspection of commercial building construction.

8) Monitor legislation related to discontinuing State programs and credentials - specifically:
  • 2017 Assembly Bill 384 and Senate Bill 295 (Sunset of State Administrative Rules)
  • 2017 Assembly Bill 330 and Senate Bill 278 (Limiting authority of credentialing boards)
  • 2017 Assembly Bill 370 and Senate Bill 296 (Establishing self-certification in DSPS)