Commmitments of the Alliance

A.     Promote more coordination between state and municipal building regulatory programs.


1.       Focus on administration of regulatory programs, not on technical building design issues.
2.       Eliminate regulatory overlap and re-work between state and local enforcement programs.
3.       Establish “Program Operations Teams” to review and comment on quarterly State planning and progress reports.
4.       Establish “Hot Teams” to review State and local government business practices and to develop recommendations on how things could be done more efficiently and effectively.



B.      Provide the framework for Alliance members to have a voice in government operations.


1.       Serve Alliance members as a central resource that identifies, records and communicates concerns.

2.       Regularly meet to identify, record and share concerns and solutions.

3.       Develop a common vision among Alliance members regarding administration of regulatory programs.

4.       Communicate with legislators and decision makers with a chorus of allied voices.



C.      Help establish public trust in regulatory agencies, programs, managers and staff.


1.       Help bring transparency to S&B regulatory program aspects of planning, operations and finances.

2.       Advocate for changes that would add public involvement, transparency, accountability and certainly to the management, planning and operational aspects of the Safety and Buildings Division.

3.       Systematically identify what truly matters to citizens regarding an effective regulatory system.

4.       Advance new ideas for efficient governance that save time and money for Wisconsin’s citizens.



D.     Support the Wisconsin Building Safety Network (WBSN)


1.       Ensure that the WBSN gets adequate recognition, respect and resources to efficiently and effectively promote public safety throughout Wisconsin.

2.       Sponsor an annual WBSN meeting for municipal and state officials in concert with the University of Wisconsin.

3.       Provide commendation certificates annually to all municipal departments that participate in the WBSN.

4.       Have members of the Alliance present selected commendation certificates with local media in attendance.