Alliance for Regulatory Coordination


The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is designed to be a consortium of associations and organizations involved in, and benefiting from, efficient building design, construction and regulation in Wisconsin.  Designed to be inclusive, Alliance membership is for business, labor, advocacy, and government groups. 

The overall goal of the Alliance is to improve regulatory services in Wisconsin.  The initial focus is on building-related regulations and having more coordination among state and local government programs.

By working together, members of the Alliance will develop a shared vision for the future.  In a chorus of unified voices Alliance members will communicate that vision to Wisconsin’s public servants in Madison.
The main strength of the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination will be the pooling of knowledge, resources and voices to achieve goals that are out of reach for any one organization.
Commitments of the Alliance are:
  • Promote more coordination between state and municipal building regulatory programs.
  • Provide the framework for Alliance members to have a voice in government operations.
  • Help establish public trust in regulatory agencies, programs, managers and staff.
  • Support the Wisconsin Building Safety Network (WBSN).

The first meeting of the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination will be held on August 25, 2010.  The meeting will run from 9 am until Noon.  The meeting will take place in the Town of Madison Town Hall, located at 2120 Fish Hatchery Road, Madison, WI.  This important meeting is open to all entities that are enrolled in the Alliance as of that date.

To join the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination, complete and return the attached ARC Enrollment Request Form.
Classic Members of the Alliance are eligible to participate on the Alliance Program Operations Teams and Alliance Hot Issues Teams.  The Signatory Representative on the Alliance enrollment request form, or their designee, will represent the member association or organization.  Each Classic Member of the Alliance has one vote in matters before the Alliance.
Program Operations Teams will address the administration of eight statewide regulatory programs.  These programs are administered at the state level by the Safety and Buildings Division of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.  Locally, many of these programs are implemented by municipalities and fire departments participating in the Wisconsin Building Safety Network.
Program Operations Teams will evaluate and respond to the administrative aspects of their respective programs, including; revenue and expenditures, staffing levels, workload, work production, service backlogs, quality of service, and proposed administrative policy or process changes.  The eight Program Operation Teams are as follows:
    1. Commercial Buildings Program; including energy conservation, fire prevention, fire protection, and HVAC aspects.
    2. One- and Two-Family Dwelling Program; including energy conservation, fire prevention, fire protection, and HVAC aspects.
    4. Conveyance Systems Program (Elevators, Escalators, etc.)

Program Operations Teams will start their Quarterly Meetings in September, 2010.

Classic Members of the Alliance may use the attached Program Operations Teams Participant Designation Form to identify their representives on these teams.


The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is a client group of Regulatory Guidance and Design, LLC.
The following services are provided by Regulatory Guidance and Design LLC to the Alliance. 

1.       Monitor and report on Safety and Buildings Division operations every quarter.

2.       Provide expert consultation about issues that matter to Alliance members.

3.       Arrange and facilitate periodic meetings of all Alliance members.

4.       Arrange and facilitate quarterly meetings of the Alliance Program Operations Teams.

5.       Arrange and facilitate meetings of Alliance Hot Issue Teams.

6.       Arrange and facilitate meetings between the Alliance and the Safety and Buildings Division.

7.       Facilitate Alliance support of the Wisconsin Building Safety Network.

8.       Develop and maintain the Alliance web site.

9.       Promote membership in the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination.

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