About the Alliance
Working to improve regulatory services in Wisconsin
The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is a consortium of associations and organizations involved in, and benefiting from, efficient building design, construction and regulation. It is committed to improving regulatory services in Wisconsin. Alliance membership is reserved for business, labor, advocacy, professional and governmental groups.
Members of the Alliance develop a shared vision for the future and work to make that dream come true. Initially focusing on building-related regulations, and having more coordination among state and local government programs, the Alliance works systematically to evaluate and improve government operations in Wisconsin.
The main strength of the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is the pooling of knowledge, resources and voices to achieve goals that are out of reach for any one organization. In a chorus of unified voices Alliance members communicate their shared vision to Wisconsin’s public servants.

Commitments of the Alliance

Promote better coordination between state and municipal building-related
regulatory programs

  • Identify and help eliminate regulatory re-work among state and municipal regulatory programs.
  • Develop information and recommendations to help improve state and municipal regulatory programs.

Promote contemporary administration of building-related regulatory programs.
  • Encourage consideration of national model codes and standards by citizen advisory code councils during the development of Wisconsin codes.
  • Encourage Wisconsin involvement in development of national model codes and standards.

Work together to identify, prioritize and communicate shared concerns
and recommended solutions.

  • Develop a common vision among Alliance members regarding administration of regulatory programs.
  • Communicate with state officials with a chorus of allied voices.

Help grow public trust in building-related regulatory agencies and programs.
  • Encourage transparency in regulatory program planning, operations and finances.
  • Advocate for accountability, certainty and public involvement in the management, planning and operational aspects of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Support the Wisconsin Building Safety Network (WBSN)
  • Encourage the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services to facilitate municipal administration of state codes for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings in Wisconsin.
  • Promote recognition, respect and resources for the WBSN so state and municipal participants can efficiently and effectively promote public safety throughout Wisconsin.

The Alliance for Regulatory Coordination is a client group of Regulatory Guidance and Design LLC.
The following services are provided by Regulatory Guidance and Design LLC to the Alliance.
  1. Monitor and report on pertinent State operations on a regular basis.
  2. Provide expert consultation about issues of interest to Alliance members.
  3. Arrange and facilitate periodic meetings of Alliance members.
  4. Arrange and facilitate meetings between the Alliance and state officials.
  5. Lobby on issues as decided by the Alliance.
  6. Facilitate Alliance support of the Wisconsin Building Safety Network.
  7. Develop and maintain the Alliance web site.
  8. Promote membership in the Alliance for Regulatory Coordination.